Patient Testimonial

“If he hadn’t booked me in for another scan this could have gone unnoticed and that would have been very dangerous for both of us. The chances are if it wasn’t for Mr Salloum then neither of us would be here.If he hadn’t carried out the Triple P procedure, I wouldn’t have recovered nearly as quickly or as well, so we’ve got a huge amount to be thankful for and we just wanted to show our gratitude.”

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“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Mr Salloum.I Found him to be very caring, he explained everything to me very thoroughly and was always happy to answer any questions. I am extremely grateful to him for carrying out the procedure so quickly and for making me feel very at ease.”



“I have recently been under Mr. Salloum’s care for a vaginal hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repair. Mr. Salloum has been wonderful from my first consultation. He has shown outstanding professionalism, warmth and a genuine care for me throughout my treatment. I could not recommend Mr. Salloum highly enough.”



“Mr Salloum diagnosed my polycystic ovaries and polyps in just one simple, painless consultation - something which had been missed by four trips to several GPs over the period of a year. Mr Salloum was extremely thorough and I underwent a laparosocopy under his care to further diagnose and treat endometriosis and fibroids. His speed of diagnosis brought such relief, as finally I was able to plan treatment. Three months of Zoladex and a second laparoscopy brought further relief to my symptoms and thanks to his care and treatment, has enabled me to get my life back on track.
I'm now free of pain and importantly my wellbeing has improved 100%. I am extremely thankful to Mr Salloum for all he has done - he has been the utmost medical professional but has also shown genuine care and interest in my welfare which I've been very touched by. It can be a very frightening time facing this type of surgery, but my recovery was painless and easy - which I attribute to Mr Salloum's expertise and care. Thank you again and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and all the wonderful staff at The Spire.”



“I underwent a laparoscopy and treatment for Endometriosis, under the consultant Mr Marwan Salloum. After 3 years of continuous check-ups and appointments to consider what the pain I was experiencing was from, I was finally referred to Mr Salloum for further consultation in April this year. In the first appointment, I was reassured that my concerns would be listened too and my operation followed 10 days later.
I am extremely happy with the care that I was given before, during and after my operation. The explanation of my condition was clear and I was also made aware of any post-op procedures that I may also have to go through.
After the years of not knowing what the cause of my pains were as well as being turned away for specific examinations due to my age, it has been life changing to have found confidence in a consultant that has reassured me that this would no longer be a problem in my life. Since my operation I do not experience pains that cause me stress or worry, and it no longer is something that affects me daily.
I am thoroughly grateful for the work of Mr Salloum and the supporting staff at Spire Hospital, and would like to use this opportunity to say thank you again.
In writing this, I have reflected on how I no longer have to worry about the pains I used to experience, and would therefore like to say thank you again for everything that you have done for me over the past few months.”