Who needs a Gynaecologist

The majority of women with any issues relating to gynaecology will see their General Practitioner who will determine if a Gynaecologist’s advice is necessary. There are however some who may wish to see a gynaecologist from the outset and will enquire about a direct appointment. Whatever the problem Dr.Salloum’s approach is first of all to listen to the patient after which he will investigate to get a diagnosis and finally to discuss all available options for treatment. The entire process is very patient focussed and puts the patient in complete control of her care.

Gynaecological symptoms include period problems, fibroids, pelvic pain, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding,   ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, polyps, prolapse and pelvic inflammatory disease. Sometimes a woman may not have any symptoms but may need to discuss preventing certain conditions or symptoms. This could be contraception, hormone replacement therapy or general female health issues. Whatever the issues Dr.Salloum has the experience and expertise to assess, advice and deliver care seamlessly in a friendly, professional and discreet environment.

As far as surgery is concerned Dr.Salloum is competent and experienced in performing both major and minor gynaecological operations for benign gynaecological conditions. Many of his patients are very complimentary of him as evidenced by personal plaudits he receives and formal patient feedback surveys. You can access the patient testimonial section here.