Why choose Dr.Salloum

Dr. Salloum has for many years seen women with a wide range of gynaecological issues some of which have needed treatement and others just reassurance and advice.

Based on feedback from patients I have  listed below the reasons given as to why they would recommend me to others.


  • Experience - many years of safe and effective practice.

  • Good listener - Always important as giving the patient all the time she needs will often lead to an accurate diagnosis and total involvement of the patient in deciding what options suit her best.

  • Any Gynaecological condition except cancer -Wide range of services in benign gynaecology.

  • Flexibility - Appointments to suit you and not the other way round. Even though we have a regular clinic on a Monday morning, we understand that that some women may find it difficult to attend such hours due to work or family commitments. That is why Dr. Salloum will often arrange a special appointment to suit you on an evening or on a weekend.

  • Personalised care - Each patient has her own individualised care taking into consideration not only her wishes but also her circumstances.

  • Direct access - Dr. Salloum will often give you a direct number in case you need to contact him directly instead of going through a third party. Of course his secretary is available during the working week but if a patient felt they need to speak with him directly they can contact him.